Interview: 5 Questions with Creative Director & Stylist Natasha Darling

Monday, August 29

Maytee: How did you get your start in fashion?

Natasha: I think fashion is just another expression of art, I have always been creative and so fabric and clothing was just a natural progression from art. I think it really started also when I started surrounding myself with other creative people who worked in fashion, it helped me understand what the fashion industry was about. 

Maytee: Tell us about 'The Darling Collective' and what's it like being the Creative Director?

Natasha: 'The Darling Collective' is a label that is a collaboration of mother and daughter. I am the Creative Director of the brand and Elisa, my mother is the Designer. We have a very visual and open connection, Elisa has this amazing ability to go and create something that was exactly in my imagination that relates to a shoot or concept I have. I feel we understand each other so well and our ideas are always limitless.

Being a Stylist allows me to be able to do bigger things for 'The Darling Collective' because it is a platform where when the Photographer and I come up with ideas for an editorial, I can then go away and start coming up with ideas for design with Elisa for 'The Darling Collective', so I feel it gives me greater insight and mobility to create on a larger scale.

I feel very grateful I have the opportunity to be creative and collaborate with really talented people, especially my own mother so I guess this is where the brand really came from in the sense of inspiration.

Maytee: What has been your most memorable assignment and why?  

Natasha: I feel probably not necessarily a specific assignment but more a time I really relate to in my life was when I was living in London. I was working quite a bit with Photographer Nyree Mackenzie, we were both discovering our creativity in a big city whilst doing shoots together, so that was a definite important time in discovering who I really am and what my style really was as an artist. I feel Nyree and I have both been very influential for each other in our lives, she too is a Creative Director and has taught me so much about the industry and always pushed me to be better at what I do, I feel London was a very memorable yet exciting time for me building my self as a Stylist.

Maytee: What would be your advice to those starting out in the fashion industry?

Natasha: The fashion industry can be cut throat, but it doesn't have to be, it is the people in it that create industry and I feel that the most important thing to remember when going into anything your doing is that you love it!

There is no need to rush or stress yourself out over something you enjoy doing, so yes work hard, intern, assist; do whatever you can to build knowledge and experience but stay focused on the things you enjoy doing and keep a positive mindset. Every experience is useful, I never stop learning!

I feel that it is very important too that you are clear on what you want to do or get out of an experience though also keeping in mind 'the bigger picture', not to get caught up in a 'destination' way of thinking and see it more as a journey, allow yourself to express what it is you enjoy and keep it simple in that sense.

Maytee: What do you like most about your job?

Natasha: I love that every day I do something different. I always felt restricted working for someone else, working for myself makes me feel free though, I am totally responsible for my work, which is scary sometimes because it is in the realm of 'production' that there is so much organising and preparing involved, though when you see the finished result it is so rewarding, I can't explain how that feels!