Interview: 5 Questions with Paola Robba Designer of Poko Pano Swimwear

Monday, August 8

Maytee: What does the Poko Pano 2012 collection embody?

Paola: More than bikinis and bathing suits, it's a whole lifestyle that does not restrict itself to beach or pool surroundings. That is why kaftans, mini dresses, shirts, skirts, pantaloon pants, all designed in ample shapes, take part in the fashion looks of the modern woman, who like the sun and do not renounce fanciness. The accessories – hats, caps and charming bags – complement this beachwear concept.

Maytee: What is the design process like for Poko Pano?

Paola: My trips are my inspiration, after the trip I improve by what I saw.

Maytee: What advice do you have for those following your footsteps of starting their own swimwear line?

Paola: To be very patient and have in your mind your goal. You have to be obsessive about your dreams.
Maytee: What, is any, message you are trying to send to everyone who looks or wears your clothing?
Paola: I try to show in my collection the Brazilian culture. I think Brazil is sexy, happy like my bikinis.

Maytee: What’s in store for Poko Pano in 4 more years?
Paola: One-piece maillot