Interview: 5 Questions with Photographer Alessandro Giaco

Monday, August 22

Maytee: Who inspired you to become a photographer or was it something you always wanted to pursue?

Alessandro: My dad was a sports photographer.. I was born in the midst of cameras.

Maytee: What type of photography you are most interested in? (Favorite style?)

Alessandro: I like the styles of photographers such as Peter Lindbergh, Avedon, Newton, Testino, Mert & Marcus, Sorrenti, and Camilla Akrans.

Maytee: How did you develop your style?

Alessandro: I don't think I have a defined style. I like to always change, try new things and challenge myself.

Maytee: What is your favorite equipment to use?

Alessandro: Canon, I still use my dads old lens and I love the PENTAX 6x7 film.

Maytee: Any tips for aspiring photographers?

Alessandro: Try to do what pleases you and do not do this job if you are not really passionate.

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