Interview: 5 Questions with Photographer AzZdine B.

Monday, August 22

Maytee: Who inspired you to become a photographer or was it something you always wanted to pursue?

AzZdine: As far as I remember, I always wanted to become a photographer, and I never changed my mind, it's impossible to explain why ... I'm just fascinated by the world of the image.

Maytee: What kind of photography are you most interested in? (Favorite styles?)

AzZdine: I prefer "Portrait" but I also like other styles in fashion photography. I also like "urban" style.. in fact I like every style.

Maytee: How did you develop your style?

AzZdine: I learned the basics and techniques at the school of "Beaux Arts" but with practice, and the meeting of experienced photographers I learned the most, and developed this style.

Maytee: What's your favorite equipment to use?

AzZdine: Absolutely Canon ;) 5D Mark II + 24:70 F2.8 or 70:200

Maytee: Any tips you would like to give aspiring photographers?

AzZdine: Love what you do, and especially take time!

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