Interview: 5 Questions with Artist Tory Lanez

Monday, August 29


Maytee: Did you always know you were going to be a rapper?

Tory Lanez: Yes, because I have been taught my whole life that Your future is based on what you put into it, and not a 1 out of 1 million chance.

Maytee: Who did you look up to and who inspired you to want to be a rapper?

Tory Lanez: Well to answer both of those questions, I would have to say my mother, because she raised 6 children and I was her youngest child, so we always had a special connection, in 2003 she passed away and I took music seriously from that point on.

Maytee: What are some of your current projects your working on? (Talk about your new clothing line, current projects and etc.)

Tory Lanez: "Swavey" is the Brand, Genre, and New Movement that is taking over the Young generation. The clothing line for #swavey is about to drop. I have a specific "All RnB tape" called #Chixtape2 It is soon to drop, and will be a Gemstone to rnb music and the Swavey Genre.

Maytee: What is any advice you would like to give to those looking to follow in your footsteps?

Tory Lanez: My word of advice to people who will follow me is, always be yourself, even through the diversity of the world.

Maytee: What's next for Tory Lanez?

Tory Lanez: SIMPLE in the upcoming Weeks, Months, Years, Tory Lanez will continue to be the BIGGEST ARTIST IN THE WORLD!

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Check out Tory's documetary... Very touching and inspirational!