Interview: 5 Questions with TV Host of "Miami TV Channel" Jenny Scordamaglia

Monday, August 8

Maytee: How does it feel being the face and host of "Miami TV Channel", and being able to host the show "Miami Caliente" which was aired on 328 channels in the U.S. and other countries?

Jenny: It feels great, it started being something local with a few viewers like everything and with hard work and perseverance we beat ratings locally and they ended up launching Nationwide and Worldwide. Miami Caliente was a great hit and the closing in American Airlines Arena with an international award by Caracol for the show just added the icing to the cake :). Miami TV Channel has been a great opportunity for me because I have the possibility of reaching out to people around the world who have different cultures and thoughts, but most importantly in a very open way, I have no limits on what I speak about and that is something hard to obtain in the world of communication. Its great to be recognized in places I would have never imagined since some cultures are so closed minded, it feels amazing and I try to give them a great and positive entertainment channel.

Maytee: What other shows are you currently hosting?

Jenny: In Miami TV we are celebrating our 1 year anniversary of "Jenny Live" with more than 140 shows, Monday - Wednesday 11pm in Miami TV channels, or through all done live and with an interactive audience from anywhere in the world, its a great opportunity for people to ask questions and release their thoughts and/or problems. Its the first transgression show with a positive message and outcome. Its been the biggest success we've had, I guess people needed someone to simply be real and speak the truth. Its being picked up Nationwide as well soon, aired through the same channels as Miami Caliente was.

I also currently finished a month ago a season for a new series in Comcast On Demand as "the face of Miami", its a new project they are trying and it will be airing in the next months Nationwide.

Now continuing to be with Jenny Live I still found time to be hosting a show called "Momento Latino" which is very much like Miami Caliente but its an Italian production launched for 6 years in Italy and all Europe with great success and I have the blessing as well to be hosting that show as well showing all the entertainment in Miami.

Maytee: Tell us about your experience as a model and how was it like working for magazines such as Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, and Pageantry?

Jenny: Its funny, I actually never really got a chance to know what its like since it was a one time shoot and from a group of photos of many models mine got chosen to represent a modeling agency for an add campaign for the year of 2004 in all of the above named magazines and many more which I just found out because everyone would tease me about it in school when the campaign came out, it just made me blush, I never brag about what I do I am rather shy in this case but it felt great inside :)

Maytee: What would you recommend to those looking to follow in your footsteps?

Jenny: I recommend to have perseverance, its something that was said to me when things got a bit tough or I got tired of waiting for something and all of the sudden something bigger came along. To remember that sometimes when you aim your mind to one thing only and close in on it you may be missing out on greater opportunities. So its important to have a goal and a route but to keep your eyes opened and your mind without stubbornness, be humble and don't underestimate small proposals, you never know how they end up.

Maytee: What's next for you?

Jenny: There is so many things I want to do that I'm eager but I know I have to be patient because things come when we are ready for them, and things that come fast fall fast. I will keep reaching out to people with our positive message in Miami TV and sooner or later I will end up traveling to every place with live shows like "Jenny Live" and hopefully leave that grain of sand that will help a lot of people through some troubles. I live for helping people, it’s what motivates me every day and I know I am making a difference, this makes me keep going... in the end... there is no limits. ;)