Interview: 5 Questions with Vanessa Posso CEO/Founder of "Rich Girlz"

Monday, August 29

Maytee: What first inspired you to become a jewelry designer and was it always something you wanted to do?

Vanessa: I always loved jewelry, always been a bling junkie collecting hoop earrings, big bangles, chains, etc.. I used to always buy a pair of earrings and make it into my own I would tear it apart and just change up the whole thing. So one day I said why not make it my business if I love it? So I did it. I always wanted to have a store and always loved fashion.

Maytee: Tell us a little about your line 'Rich Girlz' and the concept?

Vanessa: RichGirlz is all about adding that swag to your outfit! You can be rocking jeans and a tee and when you add the big hoops your whole outfit turns into something else. Its all about making a statement and feeling rich inside and out. The commercial was one of my ideas it’s about a High-school girl dreaming about being rich and having the fine things we all love. It’s always good to dream BIG because if you go hard for what you love you can make it happen.

Check out the commercial here!

Maytee: Name some of your favorite pieces you’ve created?

Vanessa: One of my favorite are the RichSquarez hoop earrings from my signature collection; they are super light and sparkly like we love em' they come in silver, gold, blkngold, and I just added the pink ones (to die for).

Also the RichSquarez bangles which are from my signature collection, I made them to match the RichSquarez hoops! Just fab!

Maytee: What is any advice you would like to give to those looking to follow in your footsteps?

Vanessa: I am so thankful God is great! I just wanna say if I can do this YOU young ladies out there CAN too.. Its all about writing your ideas down and doing research. Whether it’s a clothing line or perfume, cosmetic line make it happen! Take advantage of your youngin' don't waste time on things that are not taking you nowhere. Trust me one day your dreams will become reality if you hustle and push hard for what you love.

Maytee: Tell everyone where they can purchase 'Rich Girlz'?

Vanessa: My online boutique and also follow the twitter I'm always doing contests and give aways @itsRichGirlz