Interview: 5 Questions with Artist Terrence Francois

Monday, October 10

Maytee: Tell us about your love for painting?

Terrence: I wouldn't necessarily call my relationship with painting, love. I love art, I'm passionate to paint & create through the language of color. My passion to paint accumulated from a prolific Haitian artist, my uncle Daniel Nicolas. Who use to randomly send me his artwork when I was younger.

Maytee: How would you describe your style?

Terrence: Symbolist

Maytee: What have been some of your most memorable moments as an artist?

Terrence: .. .. .. I don't kiss & tell on the first date Maytee!

Maytee: What's the design procedure like when you're creating artwork?

Terrence: Is their a procedure to making love? No right? The only process followed before two engages (the canvas & artist, in this case) is the heart & it's hunger to bring a vision to life. Like most lovers in the spontaneity of the time, what ever paraphernalia used, like the type of wine, music, candles etc....all depends on the subject, feeling & ambiance. My paraphernalia, type of wine, you can say is acrylic, is cousin to that spontaneity . . . .. . . .

Maytee: Where can we see your work?