Interview: 5 Questions with Photographer Frank Antonio

Monday, October 3



Maytee: What made you become a photographer and how did you get your start in photography?

Frank: I used to hire photographers to work for me for my wheel company DONZ WHEELZ. They didn't give me what I wanted. I bought a camera and began to learn photoshop and started doing it on my own. That's how I found my hidden talent.

Maytee: What do you think is the most important factor in making a good picture?

Frank: Theres a few... Lighting, Editing, and the capture!

Maytee: What impression do you hope to leave upon others who see your photographs?

Frank: What makes a great shot or photographer is the images you will never forget. I want people to remember my images for a long time!

Maytee: How do you describe your photographic style?

Frank: High Glam

Maytee: What projects are you currently working on?

Frank: I started my new clothing line called Frankie Baby. Its my images thru the vision of pin up artist Santiago with 40s pinup and 70s ny hip hop. Hope it the next big thing!

Check out more of Frank's work on the following Sites: