Interview: 5 Questions with America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 (All-Stars) @AngeleaPreston

Monday, November 28


Maytee: So far what has been the best part of being on ANTM?

Angelea: There are soooo many "best parts" [laughs] but if I had to choose I'd say getting the chance to meet celebrities I never thought I would meet...ever!! ANTM has opened so many doors and given me so many opportunities just being lucky to have been selected to participate on that show is truly the best part also!

Maytee: What inspires you?

Angelea: My family inspires me, especially my niece Nysharra. She is definitely the driving force and keeps me motivated.

Maytee: What is any advice you would like to give to those who would like to follow in your footsteps?

Angelea: DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!! Never give up!!! This industry is tough, the ones who make it are the ones who work hard and persist! If you want to make it in this business develop a thick skin because you will be criticized and critiqued over and over again, persistence (those who are serious, put in the work and never give up especially during tough times!) and NETWORKING! Networking is key, sometimes its not what you know but WHO you know!

Maytee: What can we expect to see next from you?

Angelea:  Music!! I'm in the studio right now recording, I recently did the Backstage Access for Livestream for Akoo Clothing at NYFW so I'm looking to get into more hosting opportunities. I had a role in the feature film Breathe which premiered at the ABFF in Miami this year so acting is something I am looking forward to doing more of as well. I am going to co write a book with Alycia Kaback who is an entrepreneur and business woman in this industry about the industry which is going to be an awesome read! I booked a campaign for a t shirt line so you will be seeing that really soon & some other things too but I have to be shhhh about it right now. [Laughs]

Maytee: Where can we see more of the beautiful Angelea Preston?

Angelea: I have my official website where you can the latest photos, news, and updates from me! My official fan page is Angelea Preston and my twitter is @AngeleaPreston and yes I respond and follow back so don't be shy!!