Interview: 5 Questions with Artist Maximo Ceballo

Monday, November 7


Maytee: When did you develop your love for art?

MC: My love for art, began at a early age. It could be said, once I became aware of the physical world, Art became "My" way of life.

Maytee: How would you describe your style?

MC: A simple style but direct, with the least I mean more...

Maytee: Who are your favorite artists?

MC: Rubens, Goya, Rembrandt and not to mention Leonardo.

Maytee: What projects are you currently working on now?

MC: At the moment I am embossing projects, and a portrait of model Maytee Martinez.

Maytee:  Where can we see more of your work?

MC: To view my art work just go on google: "Artist Maximo Ceballo" and you will find several pages of my work or come to my gallery in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.