Interview: 5 Questions with New York Jets Aaron Maybin @AaronMaybin51

Tuesday, November 15


Maytee:  In your opinion, What makes a great football player?

Aaron: Passion, Heart, Relentlessness. Those are the traits that I believe all the great players possess. You have to love the game. You have to really love it, to put your body on the line and sacrifice anything necessary to help your team win. Whenever a player like that is on the football field, its fun to watch. Because you know your watching greatness.

Maytee: What has been the best play you have accomplished?

Aaron: It was actually in high school. I played a ton of positions at Mt. Hebron High, including wideout. My senior year, against Atholton high I made a 40 yard grab on the sideline between two defenders. It was pretty sweet, I was a pretty good athlete but I was never known for my hands so its kinda my offensive claim to fame.

Maytee: What is one thing that you enjoy while playing football?

Aaron: The isolation. While I'm on the field, nothing else matters. I have no problems, no concerns, no outside stressors. Just the man across the field with the ball. Its simple. Its my release…every Sunday.

Maytee: What inspires you?

Aaron: I am inspired by any and everyone that I meet or admire that has had to fight for everything that they have in life, but still keep an attitude of gratitude. We are all blessed to be a blessing.

Maytee: What's next for Aaron Maybin?

Aaron: I’m only 23 so I’m just getting started. I got a lot of football left in me still. But I’m also focusing my attention on my Foundation, Project Mayhem. We have a lot of upcoming projects that we are really excited about.

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