Updated: Miami Beach International Fashion Week 2012 Casting Call

Wednesday, March 14

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Hello Everyone,

It's that time again as we prepare for the 14th annual Miami Beach International Fashion Week. The dates of the shows are March 21-24, 2012 and the event will take place at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Hall D. Click here for a complete schedule http://www.miamifashionweek.com/Schedule.html

We will manage the castings the same way as previous years, in scheduling the models to walk for the designers where they will immediately book who they want and go straight into the fittings. Female only at this time.You all know what we need for this event.....fabulous walkers who command a runway! Women 5’9” and up, size 2-4.

We will start the first "casting to fit" on Sunday, March 18th with all fittings in Ballroom D of the Miami Beach Convention Center. Below is the complete list of the casting times. The models rate is $200.00 per show inclusive of everything and all models will be asked to sign a release, same as in previous years.

Have all models bring 15-20 composites or good clean copies to leave. The Designer's actually work off of them for each show.

Most shows are SHOWCASES which has 3 – 6 designers in one show, therefore models must fit with each designer featured in that show, for one flat fee.

2012 Models “Cast to Fit” & Show Schedule
Miami Beach Convention Center Hall D

Sunday – March 18th - Castings & Fittings / Ballroom D
11:00am - Miami Style Showcase – models casting

1:00pm – Swim Showcase – models casting

3:00pm – Nicolas Felizola (individual show) and Prêt-A-Porter Showcase - models casting

Monday – March 19th – Castings & Fittings / Ballroom D
11:00am – Banja Luka Showcase – models casting

2:00pm – I Love Fashion Collection (FTV individual show) – models casting

Tuesday – March 20th – Castings & Fittings / Ballroom D
11:00am – Eveningwear Showcase – models casting

3:00pm - Latin Fashion Council Showcase – models casting

Wednesday – March 21st – Castings & Fitting / Shows Begin
12:00pm - WALLA (individual show) – models casting

Shows Begin
6:00pm – Press Conference
7:00pm – Swimwear Showcase
9:00pm – Emerging Designers Prelude & Miami Style Showcase
11:00pm - After Party at STK

Thursday – March 22nd Show Day
6:30pm – Prêt-A-Porter Style Showcase
8:00pm – Banka Luka Showcase
9:30pm – Eveningwear Showcase

Friday – March 23rd Show Day
3:00pm - 4:00pm - Up Close and Personal with Dionne Warwick. Join us for an intimate conversation with one of the music and style world's biggest legends, Mrs. Dionne Warwick as she shares her life's journey and how she became the mega star she is today. Special live performance by Justin Paul. Miami Beach Convention Center Hall D in the Fashion Theater. Free and open to the public.

6:30pm – I Love fashion Collection by Fashion TV
8:00pm – Latin Councils Showcase
9:30pm – Walla Fashion Show

Saturday – March 24th Show Day
6:00pm – Miami Moda & Music Awards with Nicolas Felizola, live performances by Dasha and D’Nash