Gisele Bundchen's 5-Year-Old Niece Fashion Designer & Model Duda Bündchen (Video)

Tuesday, April 24

Image above: Duda Bündchen featured in the Brandili Mundi advertising campaign, Divulgation, Courtesy of Brandili Mundi

 She is 5 years old and only a preschooler, but Duda Bündchen has already become a dominating fashion force in Brazil! She is currently modeling and designing children’s clothes. Peep the video below to see the beautiful girl that will take the industry by storm! She is one of the cutest models I've ever seen.

“She likes fashion, she picks her own clothes, and she already has a style,” says Duda’s mother.

Read the interview with Duda's mother Raquel (Gisele's sister) on The Daily Beast here!