Interview with Samy Gicherman Couture Designer and President of "Fashion Koncept"

Monday, June 25

1. Tell us a little about "Fashion Koncept" and how you came up with this fantastic idea?

- Fashion Koncept group is a super exclusive, unique concept, where contemporary fashion designers and independent labels can go and strengthen their brand presence in the fashion world. Located in the heart of the historic district MIMO in Miami, "FK" offers fashion services for designers. It is also an important place where designers have a variety of services available in order to achieve their success in the development and marketing of their collections.

Services Offered at Fashion Koncept are:

-Show Room
-Patterns and Samples
-Brand Development
-Public Relations
-Photography and Video
-Fashion Show

Each designer may combine the services according to their needs. "FK" also offers a Boutique Room, Label Room, Sample Room and a Dot graphic design laboratory Room.

2. Tell us about the recent photoshoot you had at "Fashion Koncept"?

- The photoshoot we just had at "FK" was for my recently launched line "Pajaro de Fuego". I just launched that line and it's my first under the brand "SAMY GI". It is an amazing collection inspired by the 80's and very retro.

3. You worked with an international team of artists for this shoot. Tell us about them?

- To obtain the amazing look I wanted for this collection, I worked with an amazing team of experts that all happened to be my good friends. We had photographer COCO Alarcon, Make up artist Angela Fischer, and the accessories were provided by designer Lorena Prado. We also had great models and a lot of press and media present at the day of the shoot.

4. Tell us about your new collection "Pajaro de Fuego"?

- This collection is a ready to wear line under the brand SAMY GI. The designs are very sophisticated yet simple with a retro inspired look. The prices are affordable. It's a beautiful collection that shows my creativity and love for my country of Venezuela.

5. What other projects are you currently working on?

- I am currently developing photoshoots and other projects for the designers and brands that are already in "Fashion Koncept". I am also getting ready to show my beautiful collection at various Fashion Weeks that I have been invited to such as DILA, Ecuador Fashion Week, Nicaragua Fashion Week and the Dominicana Moda (Fashion Week), and Houston Fashion Week.

Samy Gicherman | President
Fashion Koncept Group Co.
7101 Biscayne Blvd | Miami, FL 33138 |