What's Hot: Peace Love Threads! @LovePLT

Friday, August 31

I am extremely proud of my friend and Top model Tasha Moore! She has always been an inspiration to me and to those around her. I love her so much!!!

She is also the CEO and head fashionista of the chic online boutique Peace Love Threads. "PLT" specializes in trendy, one of a kind accessories and apparel for women from up-and-coming designers and brands. Tasha's boutique is as amazing as she is.. 10% of the earnings go to charity! 

Some of the brands available on the site that you can shop from include: Lavuk, Casey Levan, Piko, Myca, and Shelly LeSun. I am definitely loving the selection of brands and feeling a little bit of both Chic and Edgy! 

Find out weather your "A little bit EDGY", "A little bit CHIC" or "A little bit of BOTH"Ladies go to www.PeaceLoveThreads.com and SHOP NOW!!! ;)