Day 3 - Miss. Nepal US 2013 - Makeup, How to be Professional Class & More

Thursday, August 15

Right before training sessions and rehearsal I gave the contestants a class on Makeup and How to be Professional. I taught them tips and tricks on how to apply their makeup. I showed them how to be quick and practical, also spoke to them on how to pack, get dressed, what to wear for different occasions, how to do their hair, pageant tips, how to be cordial with others, manners and more. I also spoke to them about my experiences in the industry and how being professional is very important.

I really had a great time speaking to all of them. I love to share my knowledge and experiences whenever I can especially to young girls and ladies like them. They really enjoyed the class and I was so happy to know they learned so much from me. After my session they rehearsed their routines with the beautiful Malvika and had an awesome yoga session at the end of the day! It was a great experience for all of us!