Exclusive Interview with "America's Next Top Model" Cycle 20 ReneeBhagwandeen

Thursday, September 5

Maytee: How has America's Next Top Model changed your life so far?

Renee Bhagwandeen: Since ANTM, I feel like a whole new person. This experience really showed me that I can do anything! I mean I got to fiercely walk down the side of a building in a fabulous Guess fashion show, and shoot with super model Alessandra Ambrosio! I NEVER expected anything like that to ever happen to me EVER! Top Model changed the way I think and taught me to NEVER LIMIT MYSELF!

Maytee: So what’s happened this week in the house? It looked like a controversial week for you!

Renee Bhagwandeen: Sigh! This week was definitely a crazy week. I lost my temper a little with Jourdan, I kissed a girl err I mean boy acting as a girl… lol and the best part is make it to next week!

Maytee: What happened with Jourdan?

Renee Bhagwandeen: Well, this week Jourdan won best photo. To be fair I think she deserved it. With that said she got on everyone’s nerves going on on about it… I thought It was hilarious that she spent so much time staring at herself but whatever, everyone is weird in their own way, I guess. The next morning she was told we would be able to get phone time. Since she won best picture she could choose the how the phone time was distributed. Although it was not shown I was the 1st person to get that privilege for winning the 1st challenge for Guess, and I knew everyone missed home and wanted to talk to their families so regardless of how I felt about anyone I gave everyone the same amount of time even myself. After me anyone that got that phone time privilege did the same thing. EVERYONE WAS FAIR. That morning I woke up hearing everyone upset about Jourdan and phone time. I had no idea we got phone time so instantly I got upset. Then I went to find out what was happening and I found out that Jourdan got to share phone time and gave everyone 5 miniutes (which was cool she could do that she won). I was upset because NO ONE TOLD ME OR THE GIRLS IN MY ROOM. If I was not there to get my time I would miss it so that made me extremely mad. Then apparently Jourdan miscounted her timing in sharing the phone time, and after telling everyone she would allow everyone time went over her time so the people who were on the end of the list did not get to call home, MEANING ME and a few others. So I lost my temper and told her about herself, and I DON’T REGET IT. I just said what everyone was thing. I am just not the type to tip-toe around I’m upfront and real.

Maytee: You were really hurt when you had no phone time on the show why did you react that way?

Renee Bhagwandeen: My reaction towards Jourdan was, I must admit a little misguided because the last time I spoke to my family, I got the news that my father was in the hospital. Being a model and competing on ANTM means the world to me, but my family is my all and all I have. I would never forgive myself if something happened to my farther and I was not there to help the rest of my family. Also Alex’s mother was in the hospital with cancer and she too was waiting for news that in this case could have meant life or death! Kanani has a 2 year old child at home she did not get to speak to since casting week. That is why I was so upset. Not because I was jealous of anyone. I was upset that knowing the seriousness of what was going on for us Jordan chose to argue with her boyfriend and selfishly go over her time after she said it would be given to us. To her defense she could have used it all up and if she would have said that and been honest things would have been different, I would still be mad but I could respect her more for being real in that case.

Maytee: Tell us how you felt about Marvin and that kiss?

Renee Bhagwandeen: LOL Marvin Marvin Marvin. What can I say about Marvin? Sigh! All I can say is I was not that excited to work with him because up until then Marvin and I were not very close. Seeing him in character and practicing our roles together really made me see how cool he is. I had fun all day and I think we make a great team. A lot of people don’t know this about me but I am very shy around guys, and knowing I had to kiss a guy made me really nervous. That is why I suggested we do a practice kiss so I could get some nervous out of the way! That kiss was not that bad ;) Then after Marvin and I practiced all day and I felt comfortable and confident about it, he threw me ALL THE WAY OFF!!! He actually ate my face and grabbed my butt off!! If I remember right he stuck his tongue in my nose!!! All I could do I LAUGH! I MEAN, I MUST ADMIT IT WAS HILARIOUS! Not sexy AT ALL, but it was fun. SHOCKED but still fun…

Maytee: What can we expect for next episode?

Renee Bhagwandeen: You can expect more crazy fun!

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