Modeling at @MBFashionWeek @ArtHeartsFashion for Shrekahnth!

Wednesday, September 17

This week proved to me again that faith, persistence and hard work really do pay off. No one will ever understand the joy I get from doing what I love and no one but my close ones have seen the hard work I've been through to be here at this point in my career. It is a blessing to live out my dreams and to accomplish my goals. To model at MBFW was one of my ultimate goals in modeling for so long. Even though I have modeled at MBFW multiple times now, it will always be a dream come true to do it over! I am so proud of myself and happy to be doing it another season.

I hope that I can inspire others to follow their dreams and to never give up. I could have given up so long ago because so many people doubted me but thanks to my amazing parents and the little positive voices in my head I kept going. Don't ever let no one or anything stop you. So many people told me no in the past and didn't believe in me and now I am here!!! As long as you believe in yourself that's all that matters! Always fight for your dreams and no matter what don't give up!!! Prove those haters wrong while your at it. 

I want to thank llaria, Erik, Trish, the Art Hearts Fashion team for believing in me and Shrekahnth for giving me the opportunity to work with them at fashion week. This meant so much to me and I will forever cherish this day!!! 

Photo by Ken Alcazar

So much fun meeting these girls, they were so sweet!

Thank you Frazer/Getty Images for this photo

Thank you Martina Kruer from Red Door Spa for my hair! You killed it!! 

Getting my hair done for the show! Thanks Martina! 

So cool to get my hair braided for the show.. Loved the cornrows!

After the show with one of the beautiful models.