Interview with Yahoo Brasil @SyamaReyes

Tuesday, November 17

Check out this awesome interview I did with the beautiful and very talented Yahoo Brasil host Syama Reyes. Make sure to watch her show and follow her on Twitter and Instagram @SyamaReyes. Click below to read the interview! Xx

What's it like to work for Yahoo Brasil

Working for Yahoo is a responsibility but its fun and interesting. Yahoo was one of the first web portals I ever used on the internet. I feel strongly connected to the brand, how it has developed and how it has adapt through the years to continue innovating itself and being market leader for content generation and distribution.  My very first email address was I remember it was 1996 in Brazil and I wanted to have an email address “.com” without the “” so I started using It made me feel different than the other girls at school and just like that Yahoo started playing a big roll in my digital / information technology life.  The daily show I present at Yahoo is called “Na Cola dos Famosos” (which in Portuguese means something like “On the Heels of the Celebrities”) and it is aired in Yahoo Brazil you can watch it by clicking the following link  ( We record it from Yahoo Latin America Miami Studios, so it makes it even more interesting working in a multicultural and multilanguage environment while at the same time trying to preserve Brazil’s touch in the equation for the Brazilian audience. 

Click here to watch the latest show and watch the making of "Na Cola Dos Famosos".

What do you love most about your job? 

For me, being a communicator is not a job, I love what I do and every time I have to present a TV show, be in front of the camera, host an event or every time I see one of my articles published it brings me gladness and I perceive it as means to transmit this energy to people as well. I really like to be able to communicate with the audience, tell them something that will make them have a good time, disconnect them from reality, enjoy, dream and laugh. I am a big believer of the positivity related to happiness; I’m vegetarian, against violence.  Thus as a presenter and journalist I try to bring entertainment and cultural information that will lighten someone’s day with a glance of fantasy through TV, articles I write, or even through my social media which I’m constantly posting encouraging and consciences messages that could make a difference in someone’s day.

Tell us an interesting story/assignment you had to cover that you remember? 

Well, at the show I currently present for Yahoo Brazil “Na Cola dos Famosos” as it is mostly recorded in studio, like a newscast where every day I’m telling the latest news about the celebrities in Portuguese, there are many internal hilarious situations that happen on a constant basis which keep me entertained and interested on what will happen the next day. But when I was working in Mexico for Televisa I was doing the entertainment / cultural / fashion segment for a weekly show and there I had the opportunity to get to know different locations and very specific local traditions. This one time I had to go to the beautiful city of Guanajuato to cover a story on the renowned art festival “Cervantino”. I fell in love with the charming city and its people.  When we were shooting on the spot with no script, I was literacy learning of the culture and what the festival was about by talking to people on camera. Suddenly we were in the main “plaza” in front of the church shooting an interview and hundreds of local kids start to gather around me and the production team asking to take pictures. I found it so adorable and was really an moved! You can watch the video by clicking the following link:

Besides of TV, you are also a “glam writer” and have an entrepreneurial mind yourself, tell us more about it.

Yes, the world is walking in such a fast pace, providing people access to information and communications to what they desire, when and where they want it, as well as tools to easily do things that before specialists where needed, that I feel if we want to have some chance to succeed in someway, its inevitable to learn as much as possible about the industry you work for. That’s what I try to do. My life has always been geared towards the entertainment, communications, tourism, productions, and fashion industry. Thus I have studied theses subjects, earned a BA in Corporate Communications and Journalism, a MBA in Entrepreneurship and another one in Marketing and have done many proficiency courses in TV production, fashion merchandizing, oratory… Its going to be 4 years since I began writing for a Brazilian magazine, Cool Magazine, on my section called Glam Spots (about top notch travel destinations) I also opened my own production company with my brother (art and photography director) “Rosa Neon Productions” http://rosaneon.comserving multiple corporate clients in Brazil and the USA, from video production to events and marketing.  I also trying to create my own opportunities and different content for the media industry.

Watch the Art Exhibition and Video produced by Rosa Neon Productions

What advise do you have for someone wanting to get into your field?

I believe that to build a career, like any other vocational profession, it does not happen by accident. To be a communicator, present in front of the public, stand if front of the camera, write articles, or produce,you have to have a drive and inner wish that when you are finally doing it, you feel you are doing what you love. The entertainment industry is certainly competitive, so you have to be prepared, study this science, practice a lot, be persistent, and put your complete self in the vibration of your desire, so that the Universe will hear and work its magic to attract the right things when you’re ready to receive them. I also recommend everyone to develop patience and value your origin, because things always take time to achieve. Any visible results could have probably taken years behind the scenes.  Everyone has a history. Be positive and be prepared!

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